How long does it take to produce as much energy as 1 liter of gasoline using the sun : 36,4 hours

How much CO2 do I save by using renewable energy types instead of 1 liter of gasoline: 3 liter CO2.
 If you change transport mode from car to bike 1/3 of your trips, you save about 1 ton per year.

How far I come with my electric bike: 45km

How long does it take to charge my electric bike: 2h

The Sun

A constantly available renewable energy source whose irradiance is increasing by 0.3% per year.

The sun shines for about 1800 hours of sunshine per year. From this solar time you can use about 1000 hours where the sun gives about 1000W / sqm and more, which generates up to 1000W of power per square meter and contains just over 1,000 kWh of energy per square meter and year in Sweden.


* A solar cell panel can today convert approximately 16% of solar radiation into energy.

The solar panel’s efficiency depends on how it is installed and angle to the sun. Here’s a cheat sheet



Energi effektivitet

1000W ==> 180W ==> 80W ==> ?w



How long does it take to generate energy content of 1 liter of gasoline.

Gasoline has a net energy content of about 43 MJ / kg (megajoule / kilogram), with some variations – 1 liter of gasoline is considered to correspond to about 9.1 kWh. A 250W solar panel has an area of 1.7 sqm and needs to be illuminated about 36.4 hours to generate 9.1kWh

0.7 liters of gasoline emits about 2 liters of CO2 per mile for a normal Swedish car that emits about 200g / km (new cars 130g / km)

Thus, it produces about 3 times as much carbon dioxide as one burns gasoline. It simply depends on the fact that most of the final product CO2 comes from the oxygen of the atmosphere.

Chemical description for combustion of gasoline

C8H18 + 12.5O2 -> 9H20 + 8CO2

The atomic weights are: H – 1; C-12; O – 16. The molecular weights in the above reaction then become

114 + 400 -> 162 + 352 = 514

This means that 114g of gasoline reacts with 400g of oxygen and gives 162g of water and 352g of carbon dioxide. The ratio (produced carbon dioxide) / (spent gasoline) is thus 352/114 = 3.1. Thus, it produces about 3 times as much carbon dioxide as one burns gasoline.




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