Connection diagram

Simple BMS

Simple BMS, protects battery and smooths out voltage in individual cells. Protection for over and undervoltage, and if temp sensors are also connected to high temperature.

Configurable battery management system with EnergyBus / CANOpen 454 for monitoring and control of 9-15S batteries

The compact design is optimized for installation in a down tube battery. The BMS communicates via the CAN interfaces and uses for the exchange of information among others the EnergyBus protocol. The optional integration of a wireless interface, such as Bluetooth or GSM, is supported.

High-End Tiny BMS s516 – 30A

  • Very small dimensions.
  • Flexibility: 4 to 16 cells of any kind, including Li-ion, LiPo, LiFePO4, Li-Titanate and Li-sulfur chemistries
  • Current measurement and SOC calculation.
  • Firmware updates, new feature releases and improvements for free.
  • Bluetooth connection (good for USB replacement).
  • Event logs and live data view: easy to debug the system, check what happened and when.
  • Faster balancing due to “early balancing”, which saves charging time.
  • Temperature measurement in multiple points of the battery – for safety, to prevent overheating and charging in cold.