solarXbike a charging network for electric bikes that can be installed and adapted to different needs and locations. The design has been adapted for a circular economy and cyclists become members of our charging network and thus have access to charging where our charging stations are available.

Primary stakeholders for the installation of charging stations are Property owners, housing rights associations and workplaces.

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One example is a charging station for 10 electric bikes with solar cell roof and building of wood, with locally stored energy in smart batteries, with central computer for statistics and remote support with LoRa data transfer. Prepared for solarXbike DVDC charging and solarXbike rental bikes.

Baseline is our basic proposal that can be adapted to local wishes. Solar production is seasonal and charging needs for bicycles to some extent follow this. We have based this basis on being self-sufficient on stored energy (battery) to about 60% of maximum capacity. Supplement we need by increasing battery capacity or connection to electricity grids. The estimated maximum capacity for the charging station is 20 charge cycles, ie a charging cycle is full charge of 1 electric cycle for about 4 hours.

The charging station is modular and can adapt with various options such as plant wall, and service functions such as compressed air and IoT data for Fleet management and maintenance planning.

Value Proposition Charge, Protect, Provide service


Our experimental facility is used to gather experience and which has been shown at various events.

Our demo station to test with cyclists and evaluate requirements from a user perspective.