solarXbike is a network of charging stations under construction, which offer different stakeholders the possibility to charge their electric bicycles with renewable energy.



Bikes are different and have different standards for how they are charged. That is why we offer you different possibilities to charge your specific electrical bike.

At present, we have the following possibilities, and work to make it possible for more to be able to charge their electric bike with renewable energy.


Our target groups are cyclists in the following categories

  • Individuals
  • Employers (so-called work trips with private bicycles)
  • Employers (for work or at work)
  • Rental bikes (public / for work bicycle)


we offer (E)-mobilitet as a service where you pay for usage

SHORT TERM RENT (Donkey Republic) “Pay as you go”
You need a short term occasional transport for one or a few days. This is the model for you.

LONG TERM RENT (Cykelrätt) “Subscription”
You visit for a longer time, student or researcher for 2 month or longer.

TJÄNSTECYKEL (Anställd) “Subscription”
You use the bike regularaly for reoccurring transports as commuting or work related transports.

Privat person
You pay for your transport yourself and want a cheep and effective alternative.